Frimware ver. 2.10.121103 đã phát hành. Firmware này dành cho model TizzBird F10/ F11/ F20/ F30. Frimware này hỗ trợ việc up lại firmware trong truowngf hợp upgrade bình thường không thành công. Phiên bản này sẵn sàng để tải về qua OTA & FTP. 

Thông tin chi tiết trong mục DOWNLOAD.

1) Supports RECOVERY mode just like smart phone in case of device is unbootable. (Please refer to the document at the SMARTSHEET). 

2) The composite output will change to PAL or NTSC accordingly with country setup. 

3) Fixes movie scraping problem of “Scrape All and Scrape Smart”. 

4) Fixes music advanced scraping problem. 

5) Changes “Advanced Scraping” option at movie browser. 
- “Scraping All” means it will scrape all movies with folder names & file names at current folder. 

- “Scraping Smart” means it will scrape not-scraped movies with folder names & file names at current folder. 
6) Fixes manual configuration problem of NFS. 

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE 

1) Fixes mouse click problem of music browser. 
- Double click to playback the selected music.

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